Test Driving a New Vehicle – How to Guide

A test drive is the chance that you will have to see how a vehicle performs and to determine anything about the car that you aren’t satisfied with. You should drive all the vehicles you’re interested in at the same time of day, that way it enables you to compare them easier. Drive them as long as you can and on different types of road surfaces and in different driving conditions. Plan your route in advance. A salesperson may suggest routes that may hide issues with the vehicle. A not so known secret- some dealers will even allow you to take the vehicle home for the evening to allow you to see if it fits in the driveway, and how you like navigating around your home streets and night driving.
While you’re test driving vehicles, be sure to eliminate as many distractions as you can. If a salesperson is talking your ear off, simply ask them to wait to talk until you return to the dealership as you want to focus on your driving experience.
There are many things to consider during your test drive, however these are the most important to consider:


Is the ride comfortable? Is it soft or harsh? Does the suspension feel every bump in the road? Find a vehicle that feels tight and controlled, as it will be more comfortable to drive over time. Comfort is usually determined by seats, tires and suspension. Sporty cars generally have firm rides and even some cars, while bigger vehicles have a slightly looser ride because of their size.

Testing Brakes on a new car

Do they feel responsive? Feel how the vehicle responds when you apply force. This should feel smooth.


A great engine and transmission will deliver a strong performance. One of the most important things to consider during a test drive is whether you like the powertrain. Is it adequate for your regular driving conditions?


Does the car respond well to quick turns or maneuvers (sometimes necessary during stop and go traffic)? Does it stay on course? Does it feel relaxed? It is composed on rough roads? This is especially important to consider as it helps you to avoid emergency situations. It is very important that you feel comfortable with the way a vehicle responds. It should be easy to control and maneuver in any condition and/or weather.

Which new vehicle has the best Visibility

All vehicles have blind spots, but take into account mirrors, seating and body designs to determine whether you would be comfortable and safe driving this vehicle.


Is the car loud from the engine, road noise or wind? You must decide whether these sounds are something you can live with. Engine noise has to do with the quality of an engine usually as well as the size. Also, consider that four-cylinder engines are usually nosier than V6 or V8 ones. Also, high-performance tires on sporty cars or off-road varieties on pickups or SUVs can cause a lot of tire noise.
Ultimately, these are all important things to consider during your test drives. These things can help you decide which vehicle is the best fit for you. Driving a car you’re comfortable in will lead to a more enjoyable and safe driving experience for you on the regular.