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InstaAuto is a digital platform that empowers you with up to four vehicle finance offers, before you go to dealership. Partnering with dealers in your area InstaAuto provides you with the information you need to take immediate control over how finance your car. InstaAuto connects you directly with dealers and lenders, so all you need to do is select who you want to apply with and arrange finance with a dealer before even walking into their yard.

We aim to simplify the car buying process by helping to ensure transparent, up front pricing for the vehicle purchase, any finance you may need and also helping you to maximize your trade-in value.

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Using InstaAuto is simple, intuitive and rewarding. You can use the calculator where you input interest rate, term and can see what that equates to as a monthly payment.

How much does it cost to use InstaAuto?

InstaAuto is free to use. Our entire car catalog and dealership is accessible without cost or obligation.

How long does it take to use InstaAuto?

Most people are able to select a vehicle, choose a dealership and search for financing in under 10 minutes. Once you submit, dealers and may take up to one business day to present you with your results. Additionally, each dealer and their lenders have their own requirements on documentation that you will likely need to provide to them before obtaining an approval.

H3 InstaAuto is free to Use

Need a loan for your new car? Choose from up to four great offers when you apply through a dealer that is part of InstaAuto. Get offers from developers and their new car lenders with rates as low as 0.99%* without needing to set foot into a dealership. If preferred our dealers can also deliver your new car to your home.

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